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  • The BOYA BY-VM300PS is a Stereo video microphone with broadcast quality designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders.
  • Two high resolution 1/2" condenser capsules are mounted in a fixed L/R stereo array, providing a very natural stereo recording, while still offering a high level of rear rejection.
  • A -10dB level attenuation (or PAD), selectable from the rear face of the microphone, allows recording of loud sound sources, such as live music or motorsport.
  • In addition to the microphone's native 30Hz-20kHz response a selectable high-pass filter at 80Hz is available, which will prevent low end noise such as air conditioners and traffic from being recorded.
  • You can use the BY-VM300PS as a remote mic on a stand, which truly makes this versatile product well suited for all video applications including Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Weddings, Sports Events and Interviews.
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Type: wired

Element: Condenser Microphone

Connection: 3.5mm

Color: Black

Frequency Response (Hz-kHz): 35 to20,000Hz

SNR(dB): 76dB SPL

Impedance (Ohm): 200 Ohm or less

Net Weight(kg): 0.197

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