1. February 03, 2020

    RoboMaster S1: Unboxing & Highlights

    The RoboMaster S1 has arrived, giving users the chance to unlock a world of fun and learning. Inspired by DJI’s RoboMaster robotics competition, the S1 is an educational robot that offers endless possibilities through AI technology, exciting gameplay modes, and a hands-on user experience.

    In this article, we unbox the new RoboMaster S1 and give you a sneak peek. Let’s get started!

    Unboxing the RoboMaster S1

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  2. February 03, 2020

    Learn How to Use Osmo Action in 10 Minutes

    You might think operating DJI’s new Osmo Action is slightly complicated since this high-performance camera is jam-packed with various technical features. However, shooting with Osmo Action is quite straightforward. Whether you’re navigating the touchscreen or the DJI Mimo app, Osmo Action’s basic operations can be easily mastered.

    Button Control

    Let’s take a look at the functions of each button on Osmo Action.

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  3. February 03, 2020

    DJI Osmo Action vs. DJIOsmo Pocket

    Like Osmo Pocket, the all-new Osmo Action is the perfect companion for your daily adventures, setting you free to capture every thrilling moment.

    Since both Osmo devices are portable, high-performance cameras packed with intelligent features, it may not be easy to decide which device is the perfect fit for you. Every individual has a different lifestyle and encounters unique situations from day to day. To make the right choice, knowing the difference between these two cameras is essential. Additionally, it is also helpful to know what kind of preferences you have when shooting. This article will help you make your decision.


    While Osmo Pocket uses a mechanical 3-axis gimbal as its camera stabilization system, the brand-new Osmo

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  4. February 03, 2020

    DJI Phantom 5 Drone release date, specs, price and features

    DJI Phantom 5 Specifications and Best Features

    First of all, without any discussion,  the P5 will offer a Zoom and a Pro Version with exchangeable cameras.

    • Retractable landing gear
    • OcuSyc 2.0
    • Low noise quick release propellers
    • Take off from being thrown in the air
    • Control drone with your hand movement
    • Five direction vision system enables the Phantom 5 to detect obstacles up to 16 feet ahead, allowing for a protected flight at up to 38mph
    • Ability to follow individuals automatically
    • New batteries power system automatically heats batteries when flying in cold temperatures
    • Batteries for this drone are 1.4 Lithium Polymer.
    • It comes with auto takeoff and auto-returning features.
    • Fully equipped with GPS technology which makes controlling the drone all the easier.
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