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The DJI Agras T10 brings a highly compact-yet-powerful aerial solution to agriculture sites of all sizes and needs. An 8 liter tank and spray width of up to 5 meters allow the aircraft to cover up to 15 acres/hour. [1] Its folding truss structure is sturdy and reliable, enabling efficient folding and unfolding, convenient transportation, and easy transitions.

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The Agras T10 is DJI’s next-generation aircraft, boasting a revolutionary transforming structure and a max payload of up to 10 kg. Using DJI’s digital agriculture solutions, the performance and efficiency of crop protection operations can be greatly enhanced and improved. The updated Route Operation mode includes Connection Routing, which enables the aircraft to automatically fly to a task route and avoid obstacles that have been marked in field planning. The new Smart Supply Reminder calculates the remaining liquid amount to help users manage spraying operations.

The aircraft comes equipped with the Spherical Radar System, a pioneering new system for the agriculture industry. Consisting of the Omnidirectional Digital Radar and Upward Radar, the system provides functions such as terrain following, obstacle sensing, and obstacle circumventing. With the forward and backward FPV cameras and bright spotlights, the system comprehensively ensures operational safety day and night in different weather.








10 L  26 kg 10 kg IP67 10 m/s 8 m/s

the innovative new plunger pumps and the 4 sprinklers, the spraying system offers improved spray width, rate, distribution, and efficiency. The 2-channel electromagnetic flow meter and continuous liquid level gauge make measurements more accurate than ever.

The aircraft has a protection rating of IP67 (IEC 60529) and the core components boast three layers of protection, making the T10 corrosion-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof so that it can be washed directly with water.
The Smart Controller Enterprise uses DJI OcuSync Enterprise transmission technology, has a max transmission distance of up to 7 km, and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The remote controller has a 5.5-inch bright, dedicated screen and comes with the updated DJI Agras app built-in, delivering a smooth and easy-to-use experience. Operations can be planned to centimeter-level precision when the RTK dongle is connected to the remote controller. The Multi-Aircraft Control mode of the remote controller can be used to coordinate the operation of multiple aircraft at the same time, enabling pilots to work efficiently. Both the built-in battery and external battery can be used to supply power to the remote controller. The remote controller has a working time of up to 4 hours, making it ideal for long and high-intensity operations.
The T10 features a brand-new quadrilateral folding structure design for quick folding and easy storage. Folding detection sensors built into the frame arms enable the aircraft to perform a folding mechanism self-check ensuring the arms are properly unfolded. The aircraft supports centimeter-level positioning when used with the onboard D-RTKTM while the dual-antenna technology provides strong resistance against magnetic interference. Users have clear views of the front and rear of the aircraft thanks to the dual FPV cameras.
The updated Route operation mode includes Connection Routing. In Connection Routing, the aircraft will automatically return to a task route. Users can mark obstacles outside the task area during field planning for the aircraft to avoid and also add connection points for the aircraft to travel through along the connection route back to the task route. Operations are further automated by the Smart Supply Reminder, which calculates the remaining liquid amount in real time and displays the refill point on the map.
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