DJI Wind 8 With Gimbal Mount

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  • Water and dust resistance
  • Motor/GPS/IMU Redundancy design
  • Portable and foldable design
  • SDK development and customization
  • 10 KG Payload

DJI Wind 8 with Gimbal Mount.

Robust industrial materials and long battery life:
The shell of the aircraft body is made of light weight and compact industrial materials to resist up to 5-grade wind and adapt to the temperature ranging from -10°C to +50°C. 
The propulsion system is so powerful that the aircraft can take off with a maximum weight of 26kg. Dual battery compartments allow two large capacity batteries be used at the same time. A flight time of 39 minutes.r longer can be reached.

Durable carrying case:
This waterproof and air-tight carrying case with a layer of concetrated EVA foam inside well protects DJI Wind 8 and accessories.

Compatible device:
Zenmuse: X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R/Z30
Manifold: A high-performance embedded computer to collect and analyze real-time date in the air.
Guidance: A visual sensing system to allow a drone automatically avoid.

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