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GoPro Hero 6 Black with Smatree 13-in-1 Bundle

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GoPro Hero 6 Black with Smatree 13-in-1 Bundle

  • GoPro Hero 6 Black
  • Smatree 13-in-1 Accessories
  • GoPro Hero 6 Black Battery
  • Sandisk 32gb
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Hero 6 Black packs a serious punch. It takes better photos, shoots better video and is what the company calls an "intelligent camera" thanks to its custom GP1 chip. Hero 6's case is hiding a new kind of magic inside. It's called the GP1 processor. 

this new action camera can now record both 4K at 60 frames-per-second, and 1080p at 240 frames-per-second. This means you can get stunning slow motion footage at full HD, and a much smoother ultra HD image. 

In tandem with that, the Hero 6 captures HEVC codec video, which means the camera benefits also from not seeing excessive power consumption, or overheating, while still having fantastic image quality at a low bitrate. 

The GP1 also enables a new stabilisation algorithm. So, while the camera doesn't have mechanical/optical stabilisation, this new algorithm should produce end results that look like they've been shot using a gimbal. Or at least, that's what GoPro promises.

  • Waterproof to 10m (33 feet)
  • Two screens: one front, one back
  • 4K at 60fps/1080p at 240fps
  • HEVC video codec
  • New algorithm for stabilsation
  • RAW and HDR photos
  • GP1 enables advanced action recognition
  • Stories offload 3 times faster
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • GPS, accelerometer, Bluetooth, gyroscope
  • Voice control in 10 languages

Smatree 13 in 1 Accessories

  • Head Strap + 1 pc Long Screw. The adjustable head strap is compatible with all sizes sporting cameras. It allows you to use the camera on head or helmet to record those before you.
  • Chest Strap + J-Hook Buckle + 1 pc Long Screw. The Chest Harness Strap Belt and Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle helps your camera to have a shooting and recording steadily on the chest. Used in bicycle and autocycle riding,sking boating, fishing,hiking,etg.
  • Smatree Selfie Pole + Tripod Mount + WiFi Clip Case ( Wifi Remote not included) + 1 pc Long Screw + Adjustable Wrist Strap. Selfie Pole allows quick length adjustments from 17.5″to 48.5″, and it can offer the optimum shooting effect. ClipCase for WiFi Remote allows you conveniently attach your WiFi Remote to the pole so you can easily start or stop shooting while you pole is high up in the air
  • Smatree Selfie Pole + Flexible Phone Clamp + Adjustable Wrist Strap. Extendable handheld selfie stick for iPhone 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Note 2 3 4 and other Android Phones. You can also share the shooting process with your friends on your phones!
  • Smatree Suction Cup Mount + 1 pc Long Screw. This suction cup is designed for fixing cameras on the surface of the motorcycle or car to ensure the machine will not drop in high-speed motion.

GoPro Hero 6 Black Battery - Use this 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery as a spare or replacement battery for your HERO5 Black.

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