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AlGadgets is the Number 1 drone repair service center in U.A.E and we strive to keep it that way. We can fix your drone fast. Our expert drone repair technicians will have you back in air in no time.

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AlGadgets has teams of certified and experienced GoPro repair technicians and are always happy to assist you with any questions for your GoPro.

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AlGadgets is your one stop shop for all your IT devices and gadgets repairs.

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The leading Drones Repair Service Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and All Over UAE.

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The leading GoPro Repair Service Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and All Over UAE.

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The leading Gadgets Repair Service Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and All Over UAE.


ALGADGETS provide DJI Drone repairs no matter how extensive the damage is: whether it's a fly away unit or water damaged drone. Also has a complete stocks of replacement parts of your drone, we can order spare parts directly from DJI Company to ensure a good quality of parts and fast services. This allows us to quickly and accurately carry out all DJI DRONES REPAIRS.

  • Fully equipped soldering laboratories allow us to complete most complicated repairs
  • We are authorised DJI dealers, therefore stock most of DJI drone parts
  • We will provide a full cleaning and overhaul service with every repair order
  • Every single drone undergoes soak / stress test to ensure all faults have been repaired
  • No question asked warranty of 3 months is provided with any device we repair
  • We provide updates to customers phones and emails regularly as well as online tracking available 24/7
  • Our drone repairs procedures and manuals are documented to ensure we succeed every time

When it comes to servicing damaged DJI drones our engineering department have acquired knowledge and expertise through extensive experience and high volume of drone repairs. Our extensive repair services range includes drones damaged by crashes, operator failures, weather conditions, damaged gimbal, GPS failures, compass faults, ESC errors, cracked shells, faulty motors, etc.



ALGADGETS is one of the best repair DRONE in UAE. We ensure the HIGH QUALITY service that you need it. ALGADGETS offer a wide range of timely and cost efficient drone repair. Let us examine your drones devices ,give you a free diagnosis service and we fix it for you.

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AlGadgets offers a wide range of timely and cost efficient drone repair. Call or bring your DJI drones or any other drones for a quick diagnosis from one of our experienced and qualified drone technicians. Let us examine your drone and give you free diagnosis.


AlGadgets team are experts in all types of electronics service and repair. You can hand us your gadgets with confidence, knowing that they are in highly-skilled hands. In Repair shop we promise give you high-quality services and repairs at affordable prices.

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AlGadgets know how important your electronic devices to you. Most repairs can be completed within one hour, ensuring you get your device back as quick as possible.