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ROMOSS Portable Charger Station

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ROMOSS is all about the charging solutions that makes like easier. They're made to accept and charge eight(8) individual portable power bank that each individual power banks contain 10000 MAH lithium battery.

*Compatible with Android and iOS devices

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Always-on Readiness: 8 portable power banks are maintained in the Romoss Charger Station for multiple device charging capability. Portable Power: Each Romoss power bank is a portable Li-Polymer battery packed with a 10,000 mAh capacity, enough to power through your day and beyond.High Quality: We sourced, tested and secured the best materials for Romoss. It is not just an appliance, it is an investment in long-term, safe charging for all your devices. Scalable: The Charger Station is designed to be easily scalable with a simple power link connection from Romoss. It can scale to grow with you and suit the needs of teams of any size.


The Ultimate Always-Ready Charger Station with High Capacity, Portable Power Banks for People on the Go. That’s the idea behind Romoss!

Our phones, tablets, and mobile devices aren’t just accessories…they are essential everyday tools for communication, work and play. The truth is, we simply aren’t the same without them. However, busy schedules, power-hungry apps and long commutes mean that running out of power is a constant hassle. That’s the reason behind creating the Romoss 100 Watt Charger Station. It’s an all-in-one solution for providing portable backup power for all devices quickly, safely and efficiently.


We have all encountered situations at home, at the office, or on the go where the dreaded low-battery icon greets us. If you don’t have the proper cable or a backup battery available, you may find yourself out of power or forced to connect your valuable smartphone to a crowded, overloaded and unsafe power source. Romoss solves these problems for everyone including family, friends, colleagues and businesses by providing the ultimate in backup power and charging versatility.


Keep It Organized

No more messy tangles of cables snaking around to multiple devices. Simply connect to one of the Romoss powerful 10,000 mAh portable power banks resting in the always-ready 100 Watt Charger Station or grab one of the power banks on the way out the door and top off your device on-the-go. Once charging is complete, each power bank is simply returned to the Charger Station where it is tested, re-charged, and ready for the next use.


Safely Charge any USB Device

Grab a Romoss power bank and connect your device using the special Android/iOS combo cable. Each retractable Micro USB cable is Android ready and includes a Lighting adaptor (MFI certified) for use with Apple products. Multiple simultaneous device charging? No problem, Romoss power banks can detect the optimum charging rate up to 2.4A for each device and charge it safely and efficiently. With Romoss, your valuable devices are safe.


Power for Startups

Technology moves fast these days and so should your team. The 100 Watt Charger Station from Romoss is an enterprise quality solution that can grow with your company and team. Don’t let power issues delay important meetings or brainstorming sessions. Let Romoss power your organization and fuel your ideas.


Charge Your Devices Anywhere  

Unlike other multi-device charging stations that leave your device tethered in place, the Romoss Charger Station gives you the power to go anywhere. You will never find yourself stuck waiting around for your phone to charge. The individual 10,000 mAh portable power banks are always charged up and always ready to roll. 


Achieve Always-Ready Capability with Romoss  

Each portable charger is a battery bank with a massive 10,000 mAh capacity, more than enough juice for multiple charges of a smartphone or for simultaneous dual charging of two mobile devices. Your connectivity and capability only ends when you decide, not when your device runs out of power.


Two Outputs to Save the Day  

Each of the Romoss portable power banks has two USB connections and plenty of output. Not only can you quickly charge your device but you can provide power to another user simultaneously. Your friends will thank you! Each portable power bank has a 10,000 mAh capacity with a DC 5V- 2.4A max output. Enough for multiple charges on most phones.   


Power for Families and Customers  

If you have a tech savvy family and a busy household Romoss can organize your power needs, remove the clutter of multiple charging stations and make sure that your family is powered-up and happy. No more wondering where your charger ran off to! For business owners who want to give their customers the best service, having a Romoss Charger Station in your restaurant, coffee shop or establishment will keep your patrons happy and connected with full power.

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