Walkera Aibao

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Through virtual and reality, your best flight entertainment companion 
As the world's first hybrid reality UAV, Airbot support Walkera MR Drone mixed reality technology. Using mobile phone to land Aibao Go App, you can play virtual flight games in the real world. Just find an open field, start quadcopter, this is your track and battlefield!
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Mix Reality FPV Flying Experience

Adopted with Aibao GO APP, when wear the VR Goggle glass, you can enjoy the FPV Mix Reality Games flight mode.

Intertwine the virtual word with reality and make the Aibao your flight entertainment partner

Proudly unveiling the world’s first augmented reality Drone through the power of AR Drone mixed reality technology by Walkera.
Through the mobile phone App you can play a virtual flight game in the real world.
All you need is open space and your Aibao to play the game.

Racing Mode

Set up a virtual race track and experience it in the 
real world through the AR Drone App.
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Combat Mode

Powerful virtual weapons can be used to dog fight 
and shoot down enemy aircraft world through 
the AR Drone App.
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Collection Mode

Collect coins in an augmented reality world and 
gain points to beat the level through 
the AR Drone App.
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Look ! A handsome Alien with big eyes

With a diameter of 280mm, this aircraft is small and charming. With the equivalent weight of one IPAD, it is very light and can be packed easily.
The compact streamline design reflects the feeling of future technology. Different color options are available to individualize your style.


Advanced manufacturing techniques produce greater power and high efficiency through motor and propeller design.

4K HD Camera

● 16 MEGAPIXELS, 4K Camera records every living moment
● 4K 2.7K 1080P 720PHD Video Recording
(Shooting and video recording has never been easier

  • Dual GPS
  • Orbit flight
  • Waypoint
  • Standard Hovering
  • Long life battery

Dual GPS

GPS and Glonass protocols can send and receive GPS signals with more precision.

Orbit flight

Setup a radius through the AR Drone App to achieve orbital flight around a stationary location.


Setup a flight path through the AR Drone App to follow specified waypoints.

Standard Hovering

Setup the hovering assistant’s height and horizontal location for a solid hold even when external wind forces are applied.

Hyper long flight time

Drawer-Style battery cabin design for very easy maintenance and safe usage. Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery for flight times up to 18 minutes. Ensured endurance produces an enhanced flight experience.

Real-Time HD Digital Video Transmission System provides a beautiful view of your location’s scenery

By adopting HD Digital image transmission technology ultra-strong signals are achieved with anti-interference capabilities and long distance video image transfer.
Collect stabilized high quality photography and aerial footage on your mobile device, even when beyond visual range the scenic beauty can be captured.

DEVO-F8E, A brand new multi-function remote gives you the ultimate controller experience

Ergonomically skid resistant design and a creamy white graceful profile. Multi-Function stickers allow for an easier experience while operating your aircraft. The redundant design assists in control loss during flight caused by incorrect operation.

Image transfer range up to 1.5KM

The built in power amplifier enables image transfer range of up to 1.5KM. A 3000mAh super capacity lithium ion battery ensures longer and safer flight.
*Maximum image transfer range tested in open area with zero interference.

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