CHASING M2 ROV - 200 Meter


The newest Chasing ROV / underwater drone! The M2 is a professional ROV. It has a 4K UHD camera, Anti-Stuck Motor and also the possibility to bring extra accessories such as a robot arm, a Gopro, an extra lamp, etc. Made for photography, filming or inspection. 

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The underwater drone is connected (200 meter cable in this version) to the base station. You can control the drone with the remote controller and look live at your smartphone where the drone is going thanks to WiFi connections between base and your phone.

The underwater drone is able to dive to a depth of 100 meters, allowing you to capture 4K UHD quality video and 12M photos. You can also stream your dive in realtime. For better visibility underwater the underwater drone has two 2000 lumen lights (5000-5500K / CRI85) with adjustable dimming function. 

The speed of the underwaterdrone is about 1.5 meter/second (3 knots). The average runtime is up to 4 hours. The drone is easy to control. M2 has 8 Vectored Thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions. The aluminum alloy compact body allows single person operation and quick-deployment in 3 minutes.

Swappable Battery
The default 97.68WH lithium battery (2-4 hours dive time) , Optional 200WH Battery, CHASINGS swappable battery will make your operation time unlimited.

Anti-Stuck Motor
The patented Anti-Stuck Motor technology is adopted to greatly reduce the failure probability of the motor getting stuck in the sand, and it can operate safely and reliably in all kinds of complicated underwater environments.

Multi-Angle Shooting and Accurate Hover
M2 can hover accurately in any attitude with one touch Depth-Lock Mode and used for shooting, observation and operation from any Angle.

Accurate Recording of Temperature Depth in Real Time
M2 can record underwater temperature, depth, to provide you with professional underwater data support.

4K EIS Image Stabilization Camera
M2 offers F1.8 FOV, equipped with 1/2.3 SONY CMOS and EIS anti video-shake feature, which improves the camera's low light performance and dynamic range greatly.

HDMI port
The HDMI port in the controller can be used to connect an external monitor. Please note that additional information like the depth, compass etc. will not be shown. Using the smartphone or tablet together with a monitor is possible.

Removable Micro-SD Memory Card, Download Anytime and Anywhere
The 64GB Micro-SD memory card is removable, and users can choose Micro-SD cards of different capacities, up to 512GB.

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