EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

Key Features

  • 6000Wh Capacity, 7200W Output
  • 4 AC Outlets, 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A Ports
  • 30A RV Outlet, 240V Outlet
  • Charge from Solar, AC, EVC Charger
  • 4G Internet Dongle
  • Silent Operation Below 2000W In/Out
  • Control with EcoFlow App
  • Works with EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2
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Buy EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra 6000Wh Portable Power Station in Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah - UAE

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra 6000Wh Portable Power Station provides energy security and independence, delivering 7200 watts of AC power for appliances, tools, devices, and even systems like air conditioners during power outages. Its battery can be recharged from an AC source, solar panels, a gas-powered generator, or an EV charging station. The DELTA Pro Ultra comes fitted with AC outlets, USB ports, a 30A RV-style socket and a 240V large appliance outlet. It is controlled from a mobile device running the EcoFlow app, and even has its own 4G dongle for connectivity when Wi-Fi is down. Paired with the optional EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, the DELTA Pro Ultra can serve as a partial or whole house backup system with a separately available professional installation.

Ample Power When the Grid Goes Down

DELTA Pro Ultra stores and delivers 6000 watts of power, up to 7200 watt-hours per full charge, to run your important appliances, devices, tools, and even home systems. It can be expanded for increased capacity and integrated into your home's electrical system. It can even save on electric bills with smart use of solar, grid, and battery power.

Outlets for Everything

The inverter is equipped with four 120V AC outlets, one 30A RV-style outlet, one 240V heavy appliance outlet, two 5V 2.4A 12W USB-A ports, and two 5-20V 5A 100W USB-C ports. There's also a 12.6V 30A 328W DC output port.

Multiple Charging Options

The battery can be charged via an AC outlet, from a gas-powered generator, from an electrical vehicle charger, or from a portable or mounted solar panel array (30-150V low-PV, 80-450 high-PV). You can also charge from solar and AC or solar and generator simultaneously.

Expandable Ecosystem

Five DELTA Pro Ultra batteries can be used with each of three inverters for a 90kW power supply, and the system cam be connected to your home power supply with the optional EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 for uninterruptable power supply.

Quiet Emergency Power

The DELTA Pro Ultra is noiseless when charging or discharging less than 2000 watts for up to 30 minutes.

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